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Panda Trek

Beijing | Chengdu


  • Visit some of China's most famous sites and creatures

  • Experience Chinese culture first hand through peer-to-peer interaction

  • Cooking classes, cultural activities, and games

10-Day Itinerary


Day 1:

Depart the US for China.

Day 2:

Arrive in Beijing and meet your Real China guide.

Day 3:

Cultural tour of Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, Beijing’s Hutongs and the Tibetan Lama Buddhist temple. Traditional Peking Duck dinner.

Day 4:

Climb the Great Wall of China, visit the Temple of Heaven, and try snacks from Wangfujing snack street.

Day 5:

Spend a half day at a local Peking opera school and learn the techniques of traditional costume design and face painting.

Day 6:

In the morning, learn the Chinese art of Kung Fu. Fly to Chengdu in the afternoon.


Day 6:

Arrive in Chengdu and eat hotpot for dinner—a local specialty.

Day 7:

Spend the day at a local school. Attend classes, meet local students, and engage in cultural activities.

Day 8:

Visit the Chengdu Panda Breeding Research Center. Spend the second half of the day with your local school hosts.

Day 9:

Attend a Chinese cooking class. Explore the Tibetan Quarter of Chengdu, and in the evening stroll along the Jinli market.

Day 10:

Fly back to the USA.



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