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Faulty-Led & Custom Program


The Business and Cultural Marvels of Indonesia

Indonesia has a diverse culture and beautiful landscapes. It is the world's fourth most populous country and the largest economy in Southeast Asia. The country's economic development has been fueled by its abundant natural resources, strategic location, and rapidly growing population.

Expand Horizons in Indonesia

Corporate Connections and Networking

Intense Business Immersion

As always, we remain committed to co-creating innovative, customized learning experiences that transform participants. The program consists of visits to government institutions, central banks, and emerging internet companies, as well as opportunities to meet with notable politicians, scholars, and entrepreneurs.

Through these experiences, participants will gain a deeper understanding of Indonesia's macroeconomic development, diverse heritage, political landscape, and business environment.


Suggested Module Themes

  • Business in Emerging Markets

  • Governance and Sustainability in Business

  • Value Chains, Logistics and Operations

  • Strategic Management

Fully Customized Service

Our service is fully customizable to meet the specific needs and goals of your program.

We work with you to create an itinerary that fits your program's unique objectives.

  • Travel and Logistics

  • Learning and Content Design

  • Corporate Connections and Networking

  • Cultural Activities and Experiences

  • NGO/Service Projects

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