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Why Real Asia


  • Asia-focused since 2005

  • Dedicated to providing unconditional trip support, from start to finish

  • Specialized in trips to Asia including China mainland, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam, UAE, Thailand, Indonesia and others

  • Each team member is bilingual in English and Chinese

  • Pre-trip and in-trip educational activities with strong focus in language and culture - So much beyond tourist sites

  • Wide array of company and school visits, as well as service-learning projects

  • In-person pre-trip orientations - We will visit your school!

  • Customized itineraries match students', teachers' and parents' needs

  • Experienced professional staff with up-to-date destination knowledge

"We feel like we get to see the real China when we travel with Real Asia. The owner of the company was born and raised in China and what a difference that makes in our connections and the opportunities for our students. Nick Wang seems to truly understand what our learning outcomes are and how to help us to reach those. In addition, the logistics are always seamless and the choice of hotels, restaurants and transportation excellent. It is always a pleasure to work with Nick and all of his staff at Real Asia."

Director of IMBA, Daniels School of Business, University of Denver

"Working with Real Asia was an excellent choice for us. They are extremely professional, detail oriented and they understand the level of quality and service expected of Executive MBA students. From the hotels to the restaurant choices, everything was top notch. Joe Lucero traveled with our group in China and was exceptional. He's organized, patient, resourceful, helpful and trustworthy. I couldn't have asked for more from the Real Asia staff."

Director of Global Applied Learning, Wisconsin School of Business, Univresity of Wisconsin-Madison

"Real Asia helped us to organize a China Trip for 30 international students. Throughout the trip we were very impressed by Real Asia’s professional service. The itinerary was excellent and logistics went smoothly. Real Asia also demonstrated their local knowledge and connection.  For example, our dedicated tour guide even helped us book VIP table’s at the most popular club in town. Meanwhile, Real Asia tailor-made the itinerary for the group, and even for individuals within the group, so that everyone can enjoy the trip!”

Harvard Business School

"Real Asia made traveling in China a rewarding and worry-free experience for our high school students. We felt that we were in good hands throughout the entire process of working with Real Asia. Real Asia’s staff in the US put a lot of effort into customizing a program that fit our group’s schedule and interests, and Nick Wang from Real Asia came to St. Luke’s to give us a helpful pre-trip orientation. His information addressed all of our concerns, helped us understand the cultural issues involved in traveling in China, and prepared us logistically for the trip. The Real Asia guides in China were very flexible, allowing modifications to the itinerary when we wanted to make changes during the trip. They took great care of our group and attended to the needs of each individual, such as making sure people with special dietary restrictions were served appropriate food at restaurants and helping students who misplaced their belongings recover them. The Real Asia escort for the trip, shared his enthusiasm for Chinese language and culture with our students, as well as working with the local guides to ensure a smooth trip.   From listening to our concerns during the initial planning process in the US, to helping us check into our return flight home at the Shanghai airport, Real Asia was with us every step of the way, ensuring that our faculty and students enjoyed a safe and memorable journey to China. I highly recommend using Real Asia’s services for your high school’s China trips.”

St. Lukes High School

"This summer my students and I completed a highly rewarding and successful trip to China with the help of Real Asia's service. Although it took a while to finalize our trip schedule and budget limits at the beginning, the staff met our needs with great professionalism and patience. I especially appreciated the excellent support from Real Asia's director of service, Joe Lucero. He managed our visa applications, trip arrangements (including flight and train booking), and some special requests (such as food restrictions and communication with the local tour guides in China). Joe didn't just provide general service, he also gave us comfort and security throughout the duration of the trip. He responded to my emails and answered my questions efficiently. Moreover, he is very knowledgeable in his field and is reliable and sincere. After such an experience, Real Asia has won my trust. I will continue to use Real Asia for future trips and am happy to recommend this reliable agency to others."

Mercersburg Academy

I am a Chinese teacher who takes students to visit China every other year. Because of unpleasant experiences with a vendor, we decided to find a better travel agency. My friend, who is also a Chinese teacher, recommended me to contact Real Asia that has planned excellent trips for her. I took her suggestion and chose Real Asia to be our vendor for our recent trip. Real Asia did not disappoint me. Their fare was reasonable, and their service was great. They had interesting and meaningful activities for us. Also, when we were stranded in the airports, they tried to help us out. They were professional and reliable. We appreciate their help and will definitely choose them to be our vendor next time.

Indian Trail High School

Shrewsbury High School 高三和高四的学生刚从北京旅行回来,这次前后一共十天的北京之行,除了一般的观光,还包括了与北京东直门高中的交流。 从最初的估价,行程计划,到准备办理签证以及最后和东直门行程的总确认, Real Asia都提供了体贴的服务和精确的计划:举凡学生名牌的制作,行前回复家长的问题,甚至餐厅的选择和安排,都让我们感受到Real China 专业的服务品质和独到的用心。感谢Real Asia带给我们宾主如归的感觉,并且圆了学生们几年来的中国梦! 

Shrewsbury High School


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