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These FAQs are designed to help answer the “most frequently asked questions” before you register for the tour and during the early stages of trip preparation. The FAQs are NOT designed to answer all the questions that you may have about the trip.

Real Asia also provides a detailed “Trip Survival Guide” for the purpose of fully preparing you for your trip. Our Survival Guide addresses additional issues that you may encounter during the trip, such as internet, clothing, safety, etc. The survival guide will be provided once you have registered for any of our tours.

Referral Program

If you have enjoyed our services and would like to refer us to any groups going to Asia, such as MBAs in other schools, you will qualify for a referral fee of $20/person for the first 10 people and $10/person for each subsequent person. For example, introducing a group of 60 people would qualify for $20*10+$10*50=$700 referral fee. We will pay out the referral fee promptly upon the end of the group’s Asia trip. Please contact us for details.


Visas for Individuals


If you are traveling as an individual, or you cannot submit the visa application to us as part of a group, please contact our visa agent by visiting their website, and process your visa directly with them.

Visas for Groups


If you want to process your visa as part of a Real Asia group, we will provide the visa application form and instructions for you via email. 

Travelers Insurance

We strongly recommend that you purchase a travel insurance policy.

We recommend Allianz Travel Insurance.

Click on the logo below to learn more about their services:


Private deluxe coaches with air-conditioning will be provided for your group.  Tours include one group airport pickup upon your arrival and one group airport drop-off upon your departure, in each city.


During the “free time” of the tour, taxis are the most convenient transportation in most cities.  They are affordable and widely available.  Instructions on taking taxis can be found in our “Survival Guide”.

Payment & Refund


Cancellation Policy:

Upon approval of the itinerary, a guarantee of payment is required in order to confirm reservations. Reservations will not be confirmed without this guarantee. Any suggested itinerary changes after reservations have been confirmed will incur a minimum of a $50 amendment fee, plus any penalties assessed by the suppliers of your travel arrangements. Cancellations after reservations have been confirmed will incur a minimum 30% fee, plus any penalties assessed by the suppliers of your travel arrangements. Upon confirmation, a minimum 30% deposit will be required and is NON-REFUNDABLE. If reservations are confirmed within 45 days of your trip departure, full payment is required. Once reservations are paid in full, the entire package is NON-REFUNDABLE. For reservations made within 6 weeks of travel dates, additional late booking fees may apply.



We accept personal checks, bank checks, and money orders only, unless stated otherwise.

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