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Faulty-Led & Custom Program


Easy Business Environment of Taiwan

Taiwan, an island nation in East Asia, has been making significant strides in the business world in recent years. Despite facing numerous challenges, including political tensions and a pandemic-induced economic downturn, Taiwan has emerged as a leader in several key industries, setting an example for other countries to follow.

Expand Horizons in Taiwan

Corporate Connections and Networking

Intense Business Immersion

Embark on a journey to Taiwan's flourishing businesses, our customized program includes visits to companies, guest lectures, group discussions with government and industry leaders, cultural activities, and other networking events.

It helps participants understand the landscape in which businesses operate to be able to mitigate risks and seize opportunities in Asia. Furthermore, they will gain an understanding of the rapidly changing market environment in Taiwan, and examine the implications of these changes for both foreign and local businesses.


Suggested Module Themes

  • Change Management

  • Operation Management & Supply Chain

  • Marketing Strategy & Policy

  • Governance & Sustainable Business

Fully Customized Service

Our service is fully customizable to meet the specific needs and goals of your program.

We work with you to create an itinerary that fits your program's unique objectives.

  • Travel and Logistics

  • Learning and Content Design

  • Corporate Connections and Networking

  • Cultural Activities and Experiences

  • NGO/Service Projects

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