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Real Asia and ChinesePod


It finally happened – Real Asia has partnered up with online, education giant, ChinesePod.

Not only will ChinesePod be traveling with us on their first official ChinesePod Immersion Trip, but through this new partnership, teachers and students can get a sweet deal on ChinesePod subscriptions. 

I know, we are excited too! If you want to get your students a discounted 6-month ChinesePod subscription,

have them follow this link and insert the following code: LEARN MANDARIN


Want to incorporate a subscription into your next Real Asia trip? Shoot us an email, and we would be happy to show you how! 


With over 400,000 subscribers and followers, ChinesePod is one of the most distinguished Mandarin learning programs out there. Their fun videos, awesome content, and incredible hosts (such as Jenny and Grace Wong below) makes learning Chinese easy – and enjoyable!


If you're a subscriber of Chinesepod looking to join the official 2020 Chinesepod trip, check back in a few months and we'll have a link to some more information for you! 

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