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Happy Back to School

It may certainly still feel like summer outside, but Real China has already started working with faculties and directors to get ready for the new school year!

Last year there were a few notes I feel like worth an update to you.

  1. We have greatly expanded our NGO and social enterprise connections in China for your school to visit or take on projects.

  2. We have developed a new destination, Hanyuan, to experience into China’s county, town and village levels (县,镇,乡). This is the step two along with our iconic Kangding Tibetan village program.

  3. We have developed many more partnerships with more schools, cultural classes, homes for immersion experience.

  4. We have run a record number of MBA trips to Vietnam and completed all with great success.

  5. We have started to cover Japan, in addition to China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and South Korea.

I was told recently again by a teacher who had been a fan of Real China since her first trip how our immersion trips provided life-changing experiences for her students, and broadened their horizons in many unimaginable ways. Of course, it made me feel greatly proud. But I would like to say “thank you” to all the teachers, faculties and directors for giving my team the chance and all the trust to develop your trip programs. You and your students are in good hands!

Don’t hesitate to reach out. We would be happy to share with you our years of experience of setting up amazing trips to Asia. My team and I are looking forward to hearing some updates from you.

Safe travel,

Nick Wang 王威 | Founder and CEO

Real China | Immersion Trips by Insiders

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