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The Orient Express: Travel from Xi'an to Chengdu by Train

As mentioned in a previous article, more and more travelers to China are considering transit by train rather than air due to the rapid development of railway infrastructure.

On December 6th, 2017, the Xi’an to Chengdu High-Speed Train officially began operation. Thanks to this development, passengers now enjoy a shortened trip of 3 - 4.5 hours, whereas travelers aboard non-bullet trains still languor for upwards of 10 - 18 hours!

Xi’an and Chengdu are two of the most popular destinations among Real China’s programs. The new shortened duration makes day trips between these two famous cities possible...and enticing! Thus, in the next year we look forward to rolling out programs which will feature stops in both of these exceptional cities!

As word spreads, these hot destinations will increasingly be visited in tandem. Just think, intrepid travelers will partake in the legendary Terra-Cotta Warriors in the morning and an authentic Sichuan-style hotpot dinner in Chengdu in the evening – what could be better? Yum!

But, as the saying goes, the journey is more important than the end or the start, and so as passengers are transported across China’s interior they will be treated with a veritable feast for the eyes as the locomotive meanders through the central Shanxi Plain and Qinling Mountain to the Sichuan Basin.

The vast plains, fertile country, abundant crop, and quaint homes of farmers will offer up a chance to see the lives of local peasants and much, much more.

The only question is: when will you hop aboard this brand new high-speed train?

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