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Taiwan Approves Plan for Reopening in October

Taiwan has confirmed it plans to end quarantine by October 13 at the earliest. Also, Japan and Hong Kong have unveiled plans to reopen their borders to international travellers next month. As more good news for regional border reopening, it's time to start planning and we’re pleased to bring you the message from our Director of Service, Joe Lucero. Originally from the US, Joe has been working in Taiwan for over 10 years. He started learning Mandarin Chinese in college. Now he wants to share with you his passion, expertise, experiences, and yes - the challenges he faced living in a Mandarin-speaking environment.

“Since I am based here in Taiwan, I will go the extra mile and help with setting up educational exchanges, service projects and homestays, with unparalleled language activities, and more enriching & cultural learning opportunities. Here are some examples: - Miaoli Pastoral Life Experience - Half-day Tour of the Theater in Tainan with a Movie Paintings Workshop - Macaque Ecological Guided Trip - South of the Border: Visit the Original Village of Lishan - "Jingzaijiao Tile-pan Salt Field" Program: Visit the Oldest Surviving Tile Pan Salt Field - Walking into Nature with Aroma Designers - Taiwanese Cuisine Cooking, or Make-your-own Bubble Boba Class - Indigenous Culture Experience with Lunch - Shrimp Fishing with the Locals In the last two years, we organized a number of virtual programs for more than 1000 participants, and I have shared with all teachers and students what true values Taiwan offers: from its cuisine, its preservation of Chinese culture, to its indigenous roots and also the welcoming warmness of its people. Now the world is opening again, and we look forward to showing you the real Taiwan.” - Joe Lucero, Director of Service, from Taichung

Book your trip safe in the knowledge that you can plan (worry) free. Please feel free to contact us to get started.


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