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Panda Volunteering, What Exactly Would You Be Doing?

There are two special volunteer programs at each base: Panda Keeper Volunteer Program and Photos with Panda Program.

In the Keeper Program, activities will include briefing in the morning, changing to the keeper uniform, going to the assigned Panda home, preparing bamboo as food, cleaning the Panda droppings (not too bad it’s mostly just chewed up bamboos), washing the Panda cages and feeding the Panda! It may also include making buns for Panda depending on the length of your program.

Additionally, the Dujiangyan Panda Base offers a third program: The Science Experience. It is for children ages 7 to 12 and offers work more within the young audience's abilities. They will tour that facilities, participate in arts and crafts, eat lunch with the Panda Man, and learn about Panda behaviors. Note: Feeding Pandas is not a feature of this program.

Please be advised that the allocation for volunteering is only 20-40 persons per day. March to October is usually fully booked by January of the same year. Please make reservations asap.

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