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Off the Beaten Path: Explore Minority Culture in Southern China

We love Beijing and Shanghai, however, if you are looking to experience the traditions of a well-preserved ancient oriental culture, you ought to get off the beaten path!

Real China invites you to Fujian province, where you can enjoy 11 unique days in charming southern China.

Still relatively exotic, even to well-traveled Chinese tourists, Fujian is a true hidden gem. Yet this is a place where ancient cultures, architectures, and traditions have been well-kept, thanks in large part to the local people's resilience as well as support from the overseas Chinese community.

Our base city Quanzhou was once a major international port, the New York City of the 7th - 14th century A.D. spanning the Sui and Yuan Dynasties. Situated upon the important maritime Silk Road, Quanzhou was not only pivotal in the exchange of goods, but was also a major conduit of cultural components from such distant regions as Southeast Asia, the Indonesian archipelago, the Indian subcontinent, the Arabian Peninsula, Somalia, Egypt, and even Europe.

As China continues her march towards modernization, there truly is no better time to take advantage of the present and come with Real China to this amazing area before it's distinct ancient culture is changed forever.


这次,Real China希望能够带你去到中国的南方,走进福建省。在11天的游学中,每一天的学习、观察、体验、对话和感受,都会让你更接近“浸入式“文化之旅的真正意义所在。







和Real China一起去福建,在中国的南方,中国文化的另一页,正在等着你翻开!

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