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ACTFL Recap: New Look, New Programs!

Dear Teachers: We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are ready to usher in the coming holiday season! We just returned from ACTFL 2017! Did you get a chance to swing by our booth? Check out our new look!

Our booth at the ACTFL 2017 in Nashville. Pictured: Nick Wang (left), Rui Cao (middle), Joanna Yang (right)

We are very grateful for the suggestions we collected and will work to integrate those ideas into Real China's 2019 China immersion programs. In addition, we are working on cutting cost, growing our team, and expanding immersion activities in China. Towards that end, we are proud to announce that we have developed two brand NEW programs!

These programs debuted at ACTFL 2017 and we're happy to report received great feedback. We look forward to sharing the details on our upcoming topics. Just remember, organizing the perfect immersion trip to China can be overwhelming, so let REAL CHINA do the heavy-lifting! sincerely Real China Team

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