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Feel Cold Today?

Feel cold today? The 21st solar term of the year is Major Snow (Chinese: Da Xue大雪), which begins around Dec 7 and ends on Dec 22.

During Major Snow, the temperature drops significantly. The snow in the north may last a whole day, breaking the branches and blocking the road. About the snow, a proverb goes “A timely snow promises a good harvest.大雪兆丰年” As the snow covers the ground, the pests living through the winter will be killed by the low temperature.

Lamb is the main food chosen by Chinese people during Major Snow. It is excellent for nourishing the body, promoting blood circulation and providing protection against the cold. People like to have potted lamb soup or stewed lamb soup with their families and friends.

Warm porridge (especially腊八粥) could help increase one's personal heat and nourish the body in cold weather. In China, there is custom to eat red bean porridge on the first day of Winter Solstice and eight-treasure porridge on the eighth day of the last month of the lunar year. In addition, there are other porridges such as wheat porridge, sesame porridge, radish porridge, walnut porridge and poria cocos porridge.

Enjoy the snow!

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